Whether or not One World is the secret final objective of Zionism, World Jewry is the most powerful single force on earth and it follows that all the major policies which have been ruthlessly pursued through the last several decades must have had the stamp of Jewish approval. Indeed, common sense applied to such facts as have come to light must lead to the conclusion that the policies, directed against the most cherished Gentile values, were incubated by adroit Jewish brains and fulfilled, or carried to the verge of fulfillment, by the dynamism of the Jewish spirit. At the same time, so many Gentiles are associated with the conspiracy, both directly and through the formation of fronts, there are so many Gentile agents and agencies, and so many Gentile governments which have acquiesced in the conspiracy by falling into line with policies inimical to their own national interests, that it would be ludicrous to offload upon Jewish shoulders responsibility for the destruction, or near destruction, of Christendom and the Western World. Nevertheless, it would be equally ludicrous to deny the Jewish part, especially where it is admitted… “Had we of the Gentile nations stood firm in defense of our own traditions and values, instead of cravenly capitulating, the Jews would have remained what they ought to be – a small sect living contentedly and at peace with their neighbors, exercising neither national nor international power and entertaining no inordinate ambitions. That, as I wrote at the outset, is how most of them actually do live. That a minority of them has been able to mount such a stupendous drive for world power is not their fault but ours alone, and it is we who must put things right – or perish. The way to put things right is not to engage in ‘hate campaigns’ (which in any event more often than not play into Jewish hands) but to make a determined stand for our own legitimate and distinctive interests."

- A.K. Chesterton, The New Unhappy Lords.

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At 5:13 da tarde, Blogger F. Santos said...

Em relação ao último parágrafo, o "lobby" conseguiu equivaler na mente das pessoas as duas situações que deveriam ser distintas. Assim, quem defende a identidade nacional ou ocidental recebe logo o epíteto de racista e/ou anti-semita.


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