The philosopher Kierkegaard tells the story of how one night, a group of thieves broke into a jewelry store. But instead of stealing anything, they had an unusual plan that they hoped would get them the swag they wanted and at the same time keep them out of prison. They simply switched all the price tags in the store. Then they left.
The next day all the customers and employees were mixed up -- though they didn't know it -- as to what was valuable and what was cheap. The real and once-expensive gems had suddenly become cheap, and the cheap costume jewelry, which had sold for only a pittance before, was suddenly marked with price tags in the thousands of dollars. Customers who thought they were purchasing valuable gems were getting cheap imitations. And the thieves never had to wield a gun or force anyone to do anything. They got hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of diamonds for just a few cents on the dollar.
The store's employees believed in the price tags that the thieves had switched. Their values were inverted. So they lost what they were charged with protecting; they lost everything of value in the store.
So also we White Americans have lost track of what is really valuable and what is essentially worthless. We have accepted the inverted values that have been pushed by the Jewish supremacists. Two of the most valuable things in the world -- racial survival and progress -- have been labeled as things of no value or negative value. And multiracialism and racial mixing -- which lead to misery and death for all those who engage in them -- have been labeled as ultimate good.

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