Nem Sião, nem Islão. Europa aos Europeus!

Two things are clear in the cartoons crisis; Islam is an implacable foe of the West and all it stands for, and has been since its inception. But the other point is that Whites have to keep in mind that it is Zionism that has helped forge anti-White immigration policies that have brought non-Whites into our homelands, and it is Zionism that has helped to rig "hate" laws and other measures to criminalize and silence those who object.
E eu acrescento que não se pode culpar só o Sionismo, também há muitos colaboracionistas internos!

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At 12:16 da tarde, Blogger miazuria said...

Muito bem!

At 10:17 da tarde, Blogger Flávio Gonçalves said...

Falaram bem os cosmoteístas.


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