Os nazis odeiam os pretos? Uma imagem vale mais do que mil palavras!...

posted by Nacionalista @ 7:40 da tarde,


At 4:07 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

tá gira a montagem. :P

At 9:09 da tarde, Blogger Vanguardista said...

Não é montagem.

"In 1961, Elijah Muhammad, founder of the black supremacist Nation of Islam, met with Ku Klux Klan leaders at the Magnolia Hall in Atlanta. Although they had different ideas about the skin color of the master race, they shared the belief that blacks and whites should stay separate. The following year, Muhammad invited American Nazi Party chief George Lincoln Rockwell to address a Nation convention in Chicago, even though Rockwell had often called blacks "the lowest scum of humanity." Flanked by a dozen storm troopers in swastika armbands, Rockwell told an audience of 5,000 Nation devotees that he was "proud to stand here before black men. " Elijah Muhammad is the Adolf Hitler of the black man."


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